220px-BluesTravelerfourBlues Traveler – The Mountains Win Again – 1994

This was the third and final single from Four and it was the least successful but it’s still really good. I’m pretty sure Coors used to use it for their advertising. It sounds almost countryish or at least country rockish. Almost like a Bob Seger song from the 1980s (think “Like a Rock”).

#15 – Blues Traveler – “Run-Around” – (1994)

The harmonica isn’t a popular central instrument in a band… unless that band is Blues Traveler. This was their biggest hit and rightfully so. Just like “Ants Marching” (#16) the lyrics here are sung with a distinct vocal accent that makes them somewhat difficult to easily comprehend. Apparently, this song was originally sung much slower than the version everyone is used to – and that would suck. The tempo here is one of the best parts… it seems to constantly increase in speed and the chorus seems more and more frantic each time it comes by. Another great song from Four: “The Mountains Win Again.”

“Oh I like coffee and I like tea. I’d like to be able to enter a final plea. I still got this dream that you just can’t shake. I love you to the point you can no longer take. Well all right, okay. So be that way. I hope and pray that there’s still something left to say… But yooouuuu…”

#178 – Blues Traveler – “Hook” – (1994)

Ironically (or not, I really don’t know how to correctly use the word “ironically”), Blues Traveler had a knack for creating awesome ‘hooks’ in their songs that really did bring you back.