220px-The_Eagles_-_On_the_Border#12 – Eagles – “Best Of My Love” – (1974)

Here’s a Hot 100 #1 single from the Eagles. It has a very soft country rock sound and is a slow dance classic. It was actually the group’s first #1 single and the biggest hit from On the Border


emotions#7 – The Emotions – “Best of My Love” – (1977)

This might be the best disco song ever released. It’s a fantastic blend of soul and disco and R&B. It was a Hot 100 #1 hit and if you’ve never seen the opening sequence of the film Boogie Nights, do yourself a favor and watch it as it uses this song in a fantastic way. This song was written by two members of Earth, Wind & Fire, which is perhaps why it is so awesome. It is completely unrelated to The Eagles “Best of My Love” that came three years earlier.