#1 – Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the Wall (full version)” – (1979)

Okay, so technically this is more than one song. It’s actually four tracks from The Wall but this is the version I always heard on the radio. It contains “Another Brick in the Wall Part 1” followed by “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” then “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” and finally “Another Brick in the Wall Part 3.” This is one of the best albums of all time – so well put together – everything is seamless. Part 1 is kind of soft with a bass line that just hums along and some guitar and sounds of children in the background. It’s subdued and runs for just over three minutes. “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” comes in with a helicopter sound effect and a teacher shouting… the lyrics start and things get a bit heavier, then the most famous Pink Floyd lyric of all time sets off Part 2: “We don’t need no education.” Part 2, on is own, was a Hot 100 #1 hit in 1980. Part 2 lasts almost four minutes and gives way to Part 3, which starts with breaking glass and a louder volume and “I don’t need no arms around me…” and gradually fades out and into “Goodbye Cruel World” which sometimes is included here. This is one of the best examples of classic rock. It’s really an amazing arrangement and totally worth listening to in its entirety.