Adam Sandler feat. Rob Schneider & The Drei-Dells – “The Chanukah Song Part III” – (2002)

Chanukah was early this year, so here – in our first post for December 2013 – is the final (or at least, the most recent) version of Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Songs. Adam Sandler performed it live on the opening of an SNL episode near the end of 2002 with Rob Schneider singing a verse and the children’s choir The Drei-Dells providing background vocals. It’s the normal run-down of Jewish (or part-Jewish) celebrities, the best of them being “Tom Arnold converted to Judaism, but you guys can have him back.”

Adam Sandler – “The Chanukah Song, Part II” – (1999)

While the original “Chanukah Song” has kind of become a Christmas music classic, Part II doesn’t receive quite as much airplay (at least, not anymore). I don’t think anyone saw it coming – but, as you can hear in its first live performance – everyone knows some of the reused lyrics. It’s the list of people that has changed. There’s some fun to be had, like when he references himself as Happy Gilmore and that O.J. Simpson is “still not a Jew.”

Adam Sandler – “The Chanukah Song” – (1994)

Yeah, Chanukah is a Jewish holiday but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great Christmas song. There have been sequels (we’ll get to them individually) but this is the original and the best. “Guess who eats together at the Carnegie Deli, Bowser from Sha-Na-Na and Arthur Fonzarelli.” That’s a lyric. When played on the radio the words “marijuana-icah” is often removed for whatever stupid reason. “O.J. Simpsons: not a Jew.” Not sure when Chanukah starts, but Happy Chanukah anyway!

Adam Sandler – “The Thanksgiving Song” – (1992)

Adam Sandler first performed this song on Saturday Night Live in 1992 and it appeared on his debut album a year later (although the album version was recorded at a live event elsewhere). There aren’t many Thanksgiving songs and this is one of the more popular. It’s funny and childish and simple – but hey, it’s Adam Sandler (and that’s a good thing).