imaAaron Smith feat. Luvli – “Dancin’ (KRONO Remix)” – (2013)

This song actually came out in 2005 and there was a remixed version of it at the time that was the popular version. This is a new (okay, four years old… so… newer) remix. Even though the remix is more modern than the track itself, you can still tell it was written more than a decade ago. Electronica does not have a long shelf life.


Shy_FX_Cloud_9Ms. Dynamite & Shy Fx – “Cloud 9” – (2013)

Drums and bass. Meet reggae. What a genre mix. Ms. Dynamite is an English hip-hop artist and Shy Fx is an English DJ specializing in drums and bass. When they come together, you get this uniquely modern take on classic reggae. It’s at the same time extremely relaxing and upbeat. It’s wonderful.

artworks-000042452901-rgf05w-originalRuss Chimes – “Turn Me Out” – (2013)

Russ Chimes is a London-based DJ and this song was a top 40 hit in the U.K. It’s actually a remix/cover of the 1994 song “Turn Me Out” by Praxis featuring Kathy Brown. It has been remixed and covered successfully into hits by at least two other artists prior to Chimes’ version here. This song has been out for two years and it still pleases today.

cover326x326Sir Sly – “Gold (Betablock3r Remix)” – (2013)

Sir Sly is actually an indie band from L.A. and the original version of this song is much more of a rock song. But the remix replaces the darkish music with a nice, beachy beat. I can’t really compare the original versus this because they’re really two different songs. Apples and oranges. But this one makes me happier.

41MSeWLlCsL._SS280Klingande – “Punga” – (2013)

In keeping with the theme of the week of “Instagram-y cover art,” we have “Punga”  by Klingande (one of the few artists that was on our list last year that returned this year). It’s a longer, deep house track and the saxophone is definitely present. Klingande is the stage name of Cédric Steinmyller, of France. He has made some awesome stuff over the past few years. This was actually a top 25 hit in Belgium.

Klingande – “Jubel” – (2013)

This is one of my favorite songs from the past 12 months. “Jubel” (which is some kind of Scandinavian language for “jubilance” or something) is a wonderful tune from Klingande, a French deep house duo. If you like saxophone, check this out! It was a #1 in 10 European countries and, like the song from Monday, a top ten in the rest of them (more or less). I love it. Hope you had/are having a great summer.

Mr Probz feat. Robin Schulz – “Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)” – (2014)

Mr Probz is a Dutch singer/rapper and his song “Waves,” which was originally released in the Netherlands in November 2013, was remixed by German DJ Robin Schulz – catapulting this version of the song up the charts in more than a few countries. It was a #1 in more than 10 European countries and a top ten in nearly all of them. It never charted in the U.S. on the Hot 100 (or even the dance chart). That said, it was one of the biggest European hits in the early part of 2014. It’s good for summer because it’s laid back and about waves (and the beach is a very summer thing).

Boy Tedson – “Kylie” – (2013)

Here’s a song that came out last summer that still carries enough freshness every time I hear it that it makes it to this summer. Boy Tedson is from Germany and, appropriately, they list their type of music as “chillout” – which is exactly what this song is. If you don’t like techno, you might still like this song. When I hear this I just picture being outside on a late, arm evening when the sun is about set, just relaxing and having fun.

Marc Anthony – “Vivir Mi Vida” – (2013)

This song is a Spanish cover of a French song. Both are super catchy, but I like the Spanish one better because Marc Anthony added a salsa element to it that the French one obviously lacked. This was a big hit, topping the charts in Colombia (I didn’t even know they had a chart) and doing quite well in Mexico and Spain. It also topped three Billboard charts: Hot Latin Songs, Latin Pop Songs, and Tropical Airplay. It also won the Latin Grammy for Record of the Year.

Tom Novy feat. Amadeas – “Dancing in the Sun” – (2013)

Well what’s better to do in the summer than dance in the sun? Nothing. Tom Novy (from Germany) is mostly behind the scenes today, producing for other artists. But this single from last year is kinda nice (high praise, right?).

Shy FX feat. Liam Bailey – “Soon Come” – (2013)

Summer usually comes with a dose of warm weather (sorry, Southern Hemisphere-ers). And nothing says warm weather like music with a tropical tint. And reggae about defines tropical music when it comes to popular music. Shy FX is a London-born-and-based DJ that specializes in this type of music. Liam Bailey is an English vocalist that also specializes in this type of music. This song is perfect for any Songs of Summer list because it is “light reggae” and really nice.

Kris Menace feat. Black Hills – “Waiting for You” – (2013)

Kris Menace is the stage name of German DJ Christoph Hoeffel. This song is pure electronica, but the beats aren’t pounding. But it’s not quite a super-relaxed trance song either. The lyrics are soft and it sounds like it could’ve easily crossed over into the pop music realm. It didn’t, and it remains a pretty much unknown song among the masses. But it isn’t bad.

Bondax – “Giving It All” – (2013)

As you may notice (perhaps, annoyingly) during this rundown, I think relaxing electronic music like this is perfect for summer. This song came out in October of last year and is super smooth and is a great chill out song. And this was a super short post. Oh well.

Mayra Veronica – “Ay Mama Mia (Dave Aude Radio Edit)” – (2013)

This is the second to last Song for Summer 2013 – and the newest. It might even be the only song from 2013 on the list. (P.S., I’ve saved my five very favorites for this week with the absolute best coming tomorrow). This was a #1 only a few weeks ago on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Club Play chart. Also notice, I’ve featured the Dave Aude Radio Edit – the version for which a music video was made. I think there is an original version and I don’t think it’s great. Just checked and I was right. It’s not good. This just has a pumping beat and I listened to it non-stop when it first came out. It’s very Spanish-club sounding. Which counts positively for summer-y-ness. Oh, and if you’ve never heard of Mayra Veronica (there’s an accent on the “o” but I’m too lazy to find it) is a Cuban-born American model/singer.