Tom Petty – “Saving Grace” – (2006)

Tom Petty’s 2000s offerings aren’t as well known as his earlier work and I had it narrowed down between two songs to feature today. I went with “Saving Grace” because it was from Petty’s third (and most recent) solo album, Highway Companion. So this week we’ve featured a track from every Tom Petty solo album, coincidentally they all fell perfectly within out 80s/90s/Present split. “Saving Grace” starts out with a very George Thorogood-feel to it and then you hear Petty’s voice which definitely sounds as if it has aged a fair amount even since 1994. This song cracked the Hot 100 – hitting #100. It was also an almost Top 25 hit (#26) on the Mainstream Rock chart. It just screams Old School in a very cool way. Sorry, Heartbreakers, perhaps we’ll have a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers week soon.