bob_dylan_-_highway_61_revisited#1 – Bob Dylan – “Like a Rolling Stone” – (1965)

Well if Rolling Stone magazine rates a song as the greatest song of all time, it’s hard to argue that it shouldn’t at least be the top song from the year in which it was released. But part of me thinks they just did that because it has the title of their magazine in the song title. I will say, when I came up with the rankings for 1965, I did not know that Rolling Stone had ranked this #1. This is Dylan’s signature song – and probably the best thing he ever recorded himself (let’s be honest, sometimes his songs are best covered). This song sort of encapsulated an era – it was the beginning of the unrest that was channeled through America’s radio and record players. Music before this was much… happier, and simple. This was the start of the turbulence – and you can hear it in his voice (even though the song isn’t about Vietnam or any of the social upheaval of the era, but a woman).