220px-turnturnturncover#5 – The Byrds – “Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)” – (1965)

So the thing with The Byrds is, Roger McGuinn is decades older than I am, but the music that this band put out always seemed so… old. McGuinn might be in his mid-70s now, but he wasn’t always. It just seems like a member of the Byrds has always been older than you. Roger was only 23 when they recorded this song. If I think of 23-year-old musicians today, I think Justin Bieber. Who could never in a million years record a song like this. Even if he had Pete Seeger writing for him! Makes me feel like a failure, really. Some of the lyrics are straight from the bible, giving this song the weird distinction of being the #1 hit with the oldest lyrics.