#8 – Joe Walsh – “Life’s Been Good” – (1978)

I saw the Eagles in concert this year, and for most of the show, Joe Walsh looked bored. But when he got to play his biggest solo hit, his demeanor shifted entirely. He was running around all goofy like. This song is an 8 minute classic. The lyrics are all about the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. “My Maserati does 185. I lost my license, now I don’t drive” is, perhaps, the singular lyric that stands out above the rest. It’s his best song – and most successful solo single, charting at #12 on the Hot 100. The weirdest part about it is the ending… after the song ends there’s this gap before someone saying “Uh oh, here comes a flock of wah wahs.” The first time I heard it I thought something was wrong. But no, that’s the actual album version. What’s weirder is that it looks like Dale Earnhardt on the cover of his album.