#3 – Eminem – “Lose Yourself” – (2002)

Everybody remembers how big this song was and what a big deal was made of the “Eminem movie” (8 Mile). I never saw it (as I have been able to avoid just about every “hip-hop drama” ever made) and have no desire to see it. And I got kind of bored with the song because it was on the air constantly – it was a #1 on the Hot 100. It also won an Oscar and a Grammy. Can you believe that Eminem is halfway to EGOTing? Watch out Barbra Streisand. Honestly though, this might be Eminem’s masterpiece. It’s certainly one of the most powerful hip-hop songs ever written. In some ways, it signaled a change in Eminem’s career path. More or less gone were the goofy early days of Slim Shady and the angry (and arguably just as fun) Eminem had emerged. It’s pretty good.