#21 – Alicia Keys – “Fallin’” – (2001)

Here is proof that this list doesn’t just consist of my favorite songs from the 2000s (I mean, that’s part of it but not always the case). Why? Because I don’t really care for this song – never have. But I understand that it is great and that it signaled the arrival of a major talent (there was a small, unintentional, joke in that sentence which I’ll explain: the album this track was on is called Songs in A Minor and I said “a major”… nevermind). Anyway, this song blew a lot of people away because here’s this beautiful girl belting out these fantastic lyrics – and she’s rocking her own piano! So why don’t I like it? While I’ve softened to it over time, I think there is something deep down in me that resents this song because of its timing. It was right about this time that a shift occurred that music started moving away from its carefree 90s sound to a more serious one. When this popped up on TRL, it was all over for the 90s.