#31 – 3 Doors Down – “Kryptonite” – (2000)

Depending on what kind of radio you listened to from February 2000 through mid-to-late 2001, 3 Doors Down mined this album for every single it could. Sure, I heard some of the tracks on the radio that weren’t technically released as singles – but my point is I heard about ¾ of this album on the radio. Which is ridiculous. But this song stands above all others (from this album or others of theirs). 3 Doors Down has always reminded me of a harder version of Matchbox Twenty… sort of the “poor man’s version.” This song was a huge smash and still lingers around from time to time over the air. It hit #3 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the Modern Rock, Mainstream Rock, and Mainstream Top 40 charts. This is the band’s defining song, whether they like it or not.