#41 – Rob Thomas – “Lonely No More” – (2005)

If you’ve been paying attention, Rob Thomas has kind of dominated this list. Matchboxy Twenty has been on here at least twice so far and now here’s Rob Thomas solo. He almost made it twice by himself. Not to mention, he kicked off the decade with our #1 Song of the 90s (“Smooth”). This is his first solo single and his biggest solo hit thus far (and he’s had some major hits). What sets it apart from the songs he did with Matchbox is that it sounds more of a combination of Marc Anthony and “Smooth” than it does Matchbox Twenty (that combination probably makes no sense to you, but it does to me – it has a Latin beat). It’s just more of a pop-feeling song and it set Rob Thomas off on an all-conquering pop music path. And we’re all better because of it.