#46 – Robbie Williams – “Rock DJ” – (2000)

Well this has been a fairly British week, with Muse, Oasis and now Robbie Williams. Honestly, I’m not sure how this song snuck so far up the list. It should’ve probably been in the 80s but oh well – here we are. This was released in the summer of 2000, which ostensibly makes it a 90s tune (but not quite). This was a huge hit in Europe and hit #1 all over the world. It was the 4th biggest song in the U.K. for 2000. It didn’t make it onto the Hot 100, but then again, Robbie has never been America’s taste. The song is incredibly catchy and samples a number of other, previously successful songs. The video has some controversy surrounding it, having been banned or heavily edited in almost every world market because it is “explicit” – he strips down completely then peels his skin off. It is kind of horrific – especially when he starts ripping his muscles off and throwing them at people, who proceed to eat it. Whatever – it was a big track.