#55 – OK Go – “Here It Goes Again” – (2005)

YouTube was launched to the public in November of 2005. It just so happened that a no-name alternative rock band from Chicago called OK Go had just recorded a new album and shot a music video for it featuring the band performing a synchronized dance on a series of treadmills in one continuous take. It’s one of the coolest music videos ever and it put this band on the map. Without the timing of YouTube, you would have never heard this song. But everyone has seen the video – it received tens of millions of views over the course of the years (and multiple postings). It should be in the YouTube Hall of Fame, if such a thing were to exist. The song is okay, but it transcends the music aspect and is the poster-child for “Going Viral” and all of that (and unfortunately for the band, it has pigeon-holed them into creating outlandish videos that overshadow their music). This song was a turning point in the decade.