#64 – Justin Timberlake – “Rock Your Body” – (2002)

As a Millennial, I witnesses music like this from inside the target demographic. And something weird happened around this time. This wasn’t necessarily the rule, but what I saw was that around 1999/2000 – the boy bands and girl groups and rock bands all had their own audiences. Girls loved NSYNC and boys thought Britney was hot but wouldn’t admit to liking her music – they preferred dumb, hard rock – because it was “music.” Well this was JT’s first solo album and this track was a solid hit (top five in the U.S.). But guys still wouldn’t admit to liking the music – this was just another NSYNC member who would have a brief solo career and disappear like Nick Lachey. Anyone who thought that about Timberlake was dead wrong (obviously) and his music has become more and more impressive as his career progresses. There will always be those who refuse to admit his talent – but he has a lot of it and this was just the start of him being able to showcase it.