#76 – Matchbox Twenty – “Bent” – (2000)

Well I hope you like Matchbox Twenty because this is not the last time they will appear on this countdown. I just had to go back and listen to the three singles from Mad Season and justify this song being #76 (versus potentially elsewhere on the list or not on it at all). I think I got it right. And I’ll go ahead and say here that the song featured next Monday should have been swapped with this song, but I’m already this far writing it and don’t want to start over. This was a #1 on the Hot 100 – bumped by one of ‘N Sync’s biggest tracks, making this their biggest hit. Rob Thomas should be considered one of the kings of the 2000s. He was everywhere – he had the first #1 hit of the new millennium and continued pumping out hits – from lead singer, to solo artist, to feature artist. And this is one of the best.