#99 – No Doubt feat. Bounty Killer – “Hey Baby” – (2001)

No Doubt makes this list twice – originally, both for songs from Return of Saturn. I was debating whether or not this was a good thing and realized the song I had here really wasn’t that great so I swapped it out with this one. One thing really blows my mind: Return of Saturn was released on 2000 (April) and it sounded very much like a follow-up to Tragic Kingdom (released in 1995). Or maybe more of an extension – not as good but similar in nature. But only 19 months later (if my math is correct) they released Rock Steady (December of 2001). Holy crap! The two albums could not sound more dissimilar. This was the lead single (released in October of 2001) and since it is past the 9/11 cut-off for the 1990s, it’s definitely in a different decade than anything from Saturn. It features a killer dancehall vibe with guest vocals from Bounty Killer and the video features Gwen at her most stunningly beautiful. Glad I made this switch.