#101 – Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse – “Valerie” – (2007)

From one incredible vocal to the next. “Valerie” was a song originally released by British indie rock band The Zutons in 2006. Mark Ronson, who is a producer and musician in his own right, covered the song the following year. He asked Amy Winehouse to provide the vocals – my favorite Winehouse performance ever, by the way. Ronson produced some songs for Amy over the years and, how I remember reading it, she agreed to be “featured” on the track as a thank you to Mr. Ronson for his support in helping her become a household name. She doesn’t even appear in the music video as to have done so would’ve put the entire spotlight on her. This was a huge hit in Europe. With all due respect to The Zutons and hipster fans who “liked the original better” – this is better. Recognize brilliance when you hear it.