Richard Grey and Nari & Milani feat. Alexandra Prince – “Mas Que Nada (Bimbo Jones Remix)” – (2012)

Long enough artist/song combo for you? This is the song I began every summer afternoon when I went swimming last year. The song is glorious. “Mas Que Nada” is a Brazilian song with near-anthem status that was first recorded in 1963 and made famous a few years later by Sergio Mendes. It has been covered and sampled to death but this is the primo version as far as I am concerned. The lyrics are gentle and extremely Brazilian and the music is the perfect complement. This is the final song I’m doing with “Songs for Summer 2013” and it is the best. Whenever I think of it I will always picture clear-blue water and, even though I’ve never been yet to go there, it will remind me of a bright Brazilian beach full of beautiful women (see video). It’s only 60 degrees today as I write this – but come one, 85 and sunny. I’m ready for summer!