Mayra Veronica – “Ay Mama Mia (Dave Aude Radio Edit)” – (2013)

This is the second to last Song for Summer 2013 – and the newest. It might even be the only song from 2013 on the list. (P.S., I’ve saved my five very favorites for this week with the absolute best coming tomorrow). This was a #1 only a few weeks ago on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Club Play chart. Also notice, I’ve featured the Dave Aude Radio Edit – the version for which a music video was made. I think there is an original version and I don’t think it’s great. Just checked and I was right. It’s not good. This just has a pumping beat and I listened to it non-stop when it first came out. It’s very Spanish-club sounding. Which counts positively for summer-y-ness. Oh, and if you’ve never heard of Mayra Veronica (there’s an accent on the “o” but I’m too lazy to find it) is a Cuban-born American model/singer.