Gabry Ponte feat. Pitbull & Sophia del Carmen – “Beat On My Drum” – (2012)

Gabry Ponte is an Italian DJ and was part of Eiffel 65 (so his cred obviously check out). Pitbull is an American rapper who would like you to think he was raised on the streets of Havana. He is also featured in every song ever. Sophia del Carmen is a half–Costa Rican half –Guatemalan singer who hasn’t made to many waves internationally. But her Spanish vocals in this song (and their oh-so-subtle innuendos) are pretty good. And I have to admit, Pitbull’s rap is quite awesome. Especially with this beat – which I always picture as some guy (Ponte, presumably) pounding back and forth on a set of bongos. He must’ve had fun with the drum mixer when making this song. Oh yeah, and there’s brass to boot. Good stuff.