The Underground Project – “Summer Jam” – (2000)

One of the first songs on our Songs for Summer 2013 list-ish thing was “Fiesta” by The Sunclub, a late-90s electronica song (1997 to be exact). Well this was that club hit’s transformation into a pop song. It was remixed by German electronic dance duo The Underground Project for their album It Doesn’t Matter, which was released in Europe near the end of 2000 and in the U.S. in 2001. Listening to it, it screams 1999/2000 (or 2003, not sure when the video was made) and so does the music video. It’s really catchy and mellow. It was a hit in 2000 in four European countries (topping out in the top five in Germany). Then the single was released again in 2003 (as “Summer Jam 2003” – it’s the same song) where it went to #1 in Belgium and the Netherlands and a top five hit in France and Denmark. It’s good stuff.