A.J. Kriss feat. Sonny Boy W. – “I’m Trying to Make London My New Home” – (2012)

To finish off “U.K. Week” I picked this relatively new track from A.J. Kriss and Sonny Boy W. I really don’t know much of anything about either artist (Sonny Boy Williamson (the second one) recorded a song by this title, but there is a guy in the video who is obviously still alive singing it. I guess there might be a third Sonny Boy? In any case, I don’t know the origins of this song, sorry. It’s a little too new to have much out there on it). But I do know that this song has a mix of musical styles I’ve never heard before. Electronic beats can be added to most anything to make something “dance-y” or more upbeat. But the blues? It’s such a weird sound but it’s done so well that you can’t help but get into it. Plus, I actually tried to make London my home (and failed – no one would hire me). I would still like to though, and this can be my theme.