#4 – Adele – “Skyfall” – (2012)

This is the newest member to the Bond theme song family. It’s also one of the best. Adele is wicked talented and, even if you’re tired of hearing her songs on the radio (they’re seriously overplayed), you have to admit she kills this tune. I heard the song on the radio (when was the last time you heard a recent Bond theme on the radio?) before I had a chance to see the movie and I could instantly picture a black screen with the titles rolling through and silhouetted people falling through the screen in typical Bond intro fashion. It’s the first Bond theme to be nominated for an Oscar since 1982 and it’s already won a Golden Globe. It was a top ten in the U.S. and a #1 across most of Europe. But it’s Adele. She could do that in her sleep. Also, this song was available only as a single and not on the film’s soundtrack.