#14 – Jack White & Alicia Keys – “Another Way to Die” – (2008)

So we jump from the first Bond movie to one of the most recent, Quantum of Solace. The song starts with loads of distortion and then one of those signature Bond-style orchestra hits that I’ve always found rather annoying – but it lets you know where you are and what you’re listening to. This is the first Bond theme recorded as a duet and what an odd pairing it is. Originally it was to be Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, which sounds amazing. But Winehouse was in no shape to record when they needed her so Alicia Keys and Jack White were brought in instead. When I listen to this song, I wonder whether or not the two of them had even met in person before they made the music video. It certainly sounds like they were in different zip codes when they recorded this. The music is pretty awesome and the structure is pretty good. It’s just lacking something.