Jesus Jones – “Right Here, Right Now” – (1991)

This is one of a handful of tracks that were actually the genesis of this list. It’s also one of the best songs on this list. In the U.S., the British band Jesus Jones is known for this and… well that’s about it. A #2 hit on the Hot 100, it was a super smash in the early 90s – but as far as rock songs go, it differed drastically from the very popular rock scene at the time: grunge. Which is why I always forget it came out at that time. It receives more airplay on adult alternative and adult contemporary radio stations than it does on pop music stations (and it did then, if I remember correctly). And in my eyes, all adult contemporary music came out in the 1980s. And it kind of reminds me of “In a Big Country,” which is from 1983. It’s too happy to be from a time that tried its best to be unhappy. Great tune.