Jon Secada – “Just Another Day” – (1992)

I’ll admit it: there are some weeks where every song we feature isn’t necessarily awesome. It’s old and you may have forgotten about it – but there might be a reason you’ve forgotten about it. But let’s be honest, the three songs featured this week are pretty kickass. A Sting classic on Monday. The best, upbeat Michael Bolton song in existence. And now this. Jon Secada is a Cuban born performer and this album was his English-language debut. And this song was a top five hit in the U.S. and the biggest of his career stateside. It has a definite Latin feel with an almost dance beat. And the lyrics are masterfully delivered. This song was actually the genesis for this list. For whatever reason, I’ve always assumed this came out in the mid-1980s. It reminds me of a mix of Benny Mardones and Gloria Estefan. Which is weird, I know. Listening to it right now, it’s so obviously from the early 90s. Those first post-Miami Sound Machine Estefan years that put south Florida in the Latin music spotlight (where it would return about nine years later). I also always assumed it was featured in an episode of Miami Vice (it wasn’t). It’s a fantastic song and one of my absolute favorites from the early 90s.