Michael Bolton – “Love is a Wonderful Thing” – (1991)

I love the “wahooo” scream at the beginning of this song. It makes me think that Michael Bolton really does think that love is a wonderful thing. This is easily his best song – and I’m willing to look past his ridiculous hair in the music video (and for most of his career). Unfortunately, a variety of courts in the U.S. ruled that this song was too similar to an obscure Isley Brothers song of the same name. Fortunately, all of the royalty money he is paying to the Isley Brothers over his best hit has been made up by a weird new fame brought on by his appearance in a Digital Short on Saturday Night Live. Hopefully all of the kids that love that video will discover this awesome song. Oh, and want to know why this would’ve been just as popular in the 80s? Two words: sax solo.