Technotronic – “Pump Up the Jam” – (1989)

“Get your booty on the floor tonight, make my day.” Classic. You’re looking at (and hopefully listening to) the first house song to go mainstream. And by “house” I mean “club music.” Does it sound dated today? You bet it does, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. Break out your Jock Jams CDs and go crazy with early-to-mid-90s dance music and techno. This was released in 1989 and topped the dance chart that November. Mainstream success came in 1990, so I’m not insane associating this with the 1990s. I have a very specific memory of listening to this song (on said Jock Jams CD) in the mid-1990s when the original Sony PlayStation came out – with its crazy non-cartridge CD-based gaming! – and the only game I had was a Lara Croft: Tomb Raider demo disc. I don’t want to think of the amount of time I spent playing that dead-end game. But as far as “pumping up the jam?” Oh yeah!