Aerosmith – “Just Push Play” – (2001)

The other two Aerosmith songs we featured this week sound relatively… well, the same – compared to this. This is the title track from the band’s 2001 album, and, although not nearly the biggest hit, it was still pretty good. This song is a prime example of one of the criticisms of the album: it sounds like a band of 40 and 50 year-olds pretending to be 20. Pop (and I mean pop) music was as big as ever around this time and it kind of sounds like they were trying to cash in on it. There are synthesizers and it’s like it’s trying pretty hard to be a dance track. It did chart on the Mainstream Rock chart (#10) and showed up in the Top 40 the following year. If you want an example of an Aerosmith song that doesn’t sound like your typical Aerosmith song, this is it.