#17 – Kid Rock – “Cowboy” – (1998)

Since “Bawitdaba” was on our 90s countdown, I had to substitute “Cowboy” in for it, not that it’s a bad song. It’s a great example of Kid Rock – a mixture of southern rock and hip-hop. Rap Rock, but without calling it Rap Rock. This was the follow-up single to “Bawitdaba” and it was a top ten hit on the Modern Rock chart (#11 on the Mainstream Rock chart). It missed hitting the Hot 100 by four positions. But it was all over TRL, with a music video featuring Gary Coleman and Ron Jeremy. The video also has a Smokey & the Bandit feel with the old, black Trans Am with poultry on the hood. All I can say, when I go back and watch it now, is that Kid Rock looks way more dignified now than he did then. Maybe it’s because he always wears sunglasses now and buttons his shirt. Buttoning your shirt can go a long way.