#28 – Guns N’ Roses – “You Could Be Mine” – (1991)

Yes, I realize “November Rain” came out on Use Your Illusion I, also in 1991, but let’s be honest: as a “rock” song, it kind of sucks. It’s an 8+ minute ballad with sounds of water in it. This is way more upbeat, and for the purpose of this countdown, better. GNR released two albums on the same day, more or less a double album: Use Your Illusion I & Use Your Illusion II. This was the first single from either of the two and the song appeared in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Arnold Schwarzenegger is even in the music video (I spelled his name right on the first try, without looking!). Grunge was in full swing about this time and music like this was going away but Axl, Slash & Co managed to slip one more 80s hard rock song past us.