Staind – “Fade” – (2001)

Staind was (are they still around?) the band fronted by Aaron Lewis – the apparent protégé of Fred Durst. Well Staind put out an album in 2001 called Break The Cycle and if the cycle was “Releasing Every Track as a Single” then Staind most certainly did not break the cycle (okay, only five of 13 tracks were singles, with at least six of them receiving radio airplay – so they aren’t Linkin Park or anybody). But it seemed like track after track kept coming out. “Fade” was the third single and it was pretty good – better than most but not necessarily the best. It was a Top 5 track on two different U.S. rock charts. Staind received some crossover airplay on mainstream stations and this song would have been on the fringe of that at best. It’s a decent example of early-2000s rock.