#1 – AC/DC – “Back in Black” – (1980)

So for our #1 rock song of the 80s, we go to the beginning of the decade for AC/DC’s rebound album. Bon Scott was the lead singer of AC/DC beginning in 1974 and when he died in 1980, the band brought in Brian Johnson. As Scott’s awesome lyrics helped launch the band into the big time, he wasn’t someone that could easily be replaced. This song was their tribute to him and it rocks. It was a Top 40 hit in the U.S. – which is good, but not great. But it was songs like this that shot this album to the top. Back in Black went on to sell 49 million copies – making it the second highest-selling album of all time. Which goes to show you the boundary-less appeal of AC/DC – a hard rock and heavy metal band that made it big in the mainstream. It’s the greatest rock album of all time. Period. And it’s title song is the best rock song of the 80s.