Lily Allen – “Alfie” – (2006)

This song is apparently about Lily’s brother, Alfie and his being lazy. The song is quite catchy with Lily’s soft voice and children’s song-type beat. I read somewhere that it reminded the reviewer of a fairground song and that’s about as perfect description as I’ve seen. There really isn’t much to say about this song other than it’s fun. I hope that’s not what I said about Monday’s song… but I think it is. I’ll have to come up with something more original for Friday. And yes, I realize that since I’ve started incorporating videos in the post, they can’t be played on this site. That’s what I get for trying to link to the “official” video because I thought it would be more stable than a user-uploaded video. But if you click through you can still listen to it and watch the video. Next week, when I go back to the 80s, it’ll be as it used to be, just the link.