Jack Johnson – “You and Your Heart” – (2010)

I didn’t really know what to expect from the radio stations in Italy. I didn’t get a feel for it in Venice (I saw a Lady Gaga music video on TV, “Alejandro,” I think). We visited Cinque Terre, the national park that consists of 5 picturesque towns on the Italian Riviera (I highly recommend it). Anyway, our first full day there, we got off the train and walked through the tunnel into Riomaggiore (the southernmost of the 5 towns). When we walked out of tunnel we were in the upper part of the town and this song was blaring from a large patio area that overlooks the lower part of town. There was an unattended tent from a local radio station (whose name and call letters I forget) and it was playing this song. I found it kind of odd that this is what they were listening to, but it is on the coast and Jack Johnson is definitely coastal music.