Daft Punk – “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” – (2001)

Yeah, the video here is of Daft Hands – the viral version of someone who has written all of the song’s lyrics on their fingers and moves their hands like they’re doing karaoke. This was the song that got my hooked on electronica. Daft Punk is amazing, but for whatever reason (read: success), hardcore electronica fans tend to mock them. “It’s sooo lame that they’re successful and make money.” Whatever. Kanye West – America’s least most creative “musician” – sampled this song in his #1 hit “Stronger.” If you want to get someone hooked on techno – let them hear this. Or make them watch Daft Hands or Daft Bodies – it’s hard to hate the videos or the song. Oh, and as is apparently the case with all electro-house duos, Daft Punk is also from Paris.