Don Henley – “The End of the Innocence” – (1989)

Not sure about that weird comb-over thing Don’s got going on on the album cover there. I almost didn’t pick this Henley song because it’s a little sappy (this whole album was) and a little Mike + the Mechanics (who I don’t consider sappy). Then again, the song was co-written by Bruce Hornsby, who is also a little Mike + the Mechanics-y. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really sound a whole lot like the Eagles. Of all the Eagles members who had solo careers (I count three, unless I’m missing someone. Did Timothy B. Schmit have a solo career?), Don Henley had the most successful, and it was his ability to keep changing with the times (as well as his excellent voice) that allowed this to be. And he did change with the times: take a look at his five big 80s singles, from “Dirty Laundry” to this one and you can definitely see a sort of arc.