#5 – Billy Ocean – “Caribbean Queen” – (1984)

This song makes me so very happy whenever I hear it. The 80s had a lot of tropical-ish music hit the charts and I honestly can’t tell if this song has that feeling or not – I think it’s mostly the title, which sounds kind of pathetic, but I love it – leave me alone. So yeah, it’s more of an upbeat post-disco R&B track. I love the way Billy sings the word “Caribbean.” It sounds more like “Carrie-Byoon.” Sometimes this song is subtitled “No More Love on the Run.” Interestingly, there were different versions of this song recorded for different markets. “European Queen” and “African Queen.” I like Caribbean better, probably because it’s the one I know. This was a #1 hit. From Scrubs: “Ah Billy! After the Arctic and the Pacific, you’re my favorite Ocean.”