#55 – Don Henley – “The Heart of the Matter” – (1989)

This is, quite literally, a last minute substitution (I write these a few weeks in advance and am re-writing this right before it publishes). I originally had “The End of the Innocence” here (The End of the Innocence is also the title of the album that these two songs share). But every time I hear this song I can’t help but go: “Hey, this is a good song.” Sure, it has a slight moral-ness to it but it’s actually quite good. This is the type of song that I really like but whenever it comes on the radio I’d flip the station in search of something a little more upbeat and sing-along-y. But I rarely turn this song off. And I’m not sure why. Anyway, I like this one better than “The End of the Innocence” – but that song will kick off our list of songs that barely missed this countdown.