July 2010

The voice behind Foreigner had to break out on its own at some point. After all, Steve Perry managed to find success on his own without Journey behind him. He did okay, but it wasn’t Foreigner. “Midnight Blue” was a top 5 hit and a pretty good faux-Foreigner 80s rock track. Unfortunately, “Midnight Blue” was his first top 5 solo hit – and his last – not to mention the best of his four singles that made it to the charts. This song was from his 1987 album “Ready or Not.”

The chorus is just him saying:

“Midnight blue… oh, oh, oh” etc. Not too terribly exciting, is it?

I know some people that really don’t like the Scissor Sisters or this song. But I fear that has more to do with homophobia than any real distaste for the music. If it was out of a dislike for the music, they’d be crazy because this song is wicked catchy (say that with a Boston accent). They’re a glam rock band, so there’s bound to be some weirdness (think Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust weird) but the music is catchy (as was Bowie’s). It really bugs me when people don’t give the music a chance because they have something against the band. Then again, I’m guilty of the same thing (sorry, Nickelback).

This song is from the band’s 2004 eponymous album. I especially like it when the lyrics hit a really high note. Here’s half of the chorus:

“Gonna take your mama out all night,

Yeah, we’ll show her what it’s all about

We’ll get her jacked up on some cheap champagne,

We’ll let the good times all roll out.”