June 2010

Is there such thing as trumpet-synching? Because in that video he is not playing the trumpet – his mouth doesn’t even close! This is one of those weird 60s instrumental songs that somehow bridged the gap between the old-timers and their jazz and the younger generation and their “devil music.” Adult Contemporary is what Billboard calls it. The album (on the cover of which sits Herb in an airplane that is not flying – does this guy ever actually do anything? Or is he all pose?) was called Going Places, released in 1965.

Oh, and there are apparently lyrics. The best version is the one sung by Homer Simpsons in the episode “The Otto Show” where he is sitting in his car eating.

As we gear up for our next countdown, we’ll hit you with a few random songs over the next few months. We’ll start with this song from Zeppelin that comes from their album Led Zeppelin II (1969).

There really isn’t anything too remarkable about the song. It’s standard Zeppelin fare. I’ve actually seen it called a “masterpiece” but I’m not as big a fan of the band as I used to be, so I think I can un-biased-ly (is that a word?) call it “average.” Led Zeppelin wrote far more interesting songs, and although it’s still played on classic rock stations, it tends to be somewhat forgotten about. I’ve never heard anyone call this their “favorite Led Zeppelin song.”

However, the lyrics are delivered awesomely by Mr. Plant. Here’s a sample:

“If the sun refused to shine,

I would still be loving you.

When mountains crumble to the sea,

There would still be you and me.”