#4 – Hootie & the Blowfish – “I Go Blind” – (1995)

When I found out this song was a cover, I was heartbroken. Here I was ready to award Hootie & Co. the award for best songwriters ever and I find out my favorite song of theirs was written by a Canadian rock band called 54-40. The agony. Truth be told, I’ve never listened to that version because I don’t want it to tarnish the memories I have with this song. However good the original version may or may not be, this version is great. It was never released on a Hootie studio album (it made the greatest hits CD). It was originally released on Friends: Music from the TV Series. The guitar in this song is infectious and so is Darius Rucker singing “Every time I look at you I go blind.” Far and away my favorite Hootie track and a serious contender for the top spot on this list.