#9 – Better Than Ezra – “Desperately Wanting” – (1996)

This is such a good song. “I remember running through the wet grass, falling a step behind” is a lyric I knew by heart long before I knew what this song was. Every time I happen to catch it on the radio today two things happen: 1. The day instantly becomes better and 2. The radio gets cranked to near-deafening levels so I can scream the lyrics along with the band without actually having to hear my awful voice ruin the song. Better Than Ezra has one of my favorite stories behind a band’s name: they were performing at a battle of the bands competition and didn’t have a name and the band they followed was called Ezra. I don’t know if that’s true or not (it really doesn’t matter either way), but if it is, it’s awesome. They had another semi-big hit with the album prior to this one with “Good” (which sounds very Toad The Wet Sprocket-y).