#22 – Semisonic – “Closing Time” – (1998)

Holy $@#! I love this song. I know someone who generally listens to metal and old-school punk – and he loves this song. “I know I want to take me home” is a classic lyric and after that first visit to the chorus, the song picks up in intensity and never lets up. It’s wonderful. I can’t recall the video from days gone by, but within the last year or so I flipped on Fuse and they have/had (I don’t know if it’s still on) this brilliant show called Video Yearbook. The episode I caught (and have caught multiple times since) was “1998” and they played this video. I watched it because I love the song, but the video turned out to be amazing. There are two continuous shots played side by side that somewhat interact with each other… if you don’t know the timing trick being played it might give you a headache trying to make sense of it. There are big-budget Hollywood movies that are far less technically interesting.