#93 – Los del Río – “Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)” – (1996)

This song has a very weird and complex back story behind it, the details of which I will spare you. Things to know: Los del Río was a musical duo of two relatively old Spanish guys who wrote a song. Then the Bayside Boys (three DJ’s from Miami) re-mixed it and added English vocals from uncredited singer Carla Vanessa. Then the summer of 1996 rolled around and this song exploded like few, if any, songs ever had before it (or since). It is undeniably infectious. There were actually knock-off imitators. If you don’t know the dance that accompanies it, well, then you probably either 1) weren’t alive in 1996 (or too young… but still), or 2) lying. This is one of the biggest singles of all time and it shattered some Billboard records. You might loathe it, but, like it or not, it stands as an integral part of 90s pop culture. (And you know you loved it then).