#165 – Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – (1991)

What!? A list of 90s music that doesn’t feature “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at number one (or even the top 150)!? Well, I wasn’t a ‘teen’ when this song was it, So it doesn’t hold the same special meaning for me. I recognize it for what it is and (unlike almost every other entry) nostalgia played no part in this one. If you’ve never heard of ‘music’ before, then you may want to check out “All Apologies,” “Rape Me” and “Heart-Shaped Box” from their follow up album, In Utero. From Nevermind there is also “In Bloom” and “Lithium,” the song mentioned by every ‘Nirvana-freak’ I’ve ever met as their favorite. Ugh, I’m gonna catch flack for this one.